Monday, November 4, 2013

Kindle line goes on sale in US: Amazon celebrates FAA’s electronics policy with discount [ W4llppr ]

The US Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration approved gate-to-gate use of portable electronic devices last week, and now Amazon is celebrating the new policy with a one-day only sale in the US for its Kindle e-reader line.

The online retailer has publicly thanked the US FAA, and it reduced the price tag of its Kindle, Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire HDX 7-inch. Specifically, all three tablets received a 15 per cent discount on 4 November. 

With Amazon’s special discount, the Kindle is now $ 59 (£37), and the Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire HDX 7-inch are $ 118 and $ 195 respectively. You’ll have to enter “ThnksFAA” at checkout through Amazon to get the savings.

“We’ve been fighting for our customers on this issue for years, and we are thrilled by the FAA’s recent decision—this is a big win for customers,” said Drew Herdener, vice president of Amazon, in a press release.

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Delta and JetBlue have become the first two US airlines to permit electronic devices. Following the FAA’s announcement that travellers can use them from gate to gate, both companies revealed that they had put in applications for approval.

A JetBlue Corporate Communications manager even posted an image to Facebook while on a flight from JFK to Buffalo, showing off the passengers and airline personnel’s newly granted ability to use gadgets during all phases of flight. In the image, which went viral, everyone can be seen happily holding up their devices.

It seems Amazon is just as elated by the new policy: “Happy flying!” Amazon added, though it’s worth mentioning that today’s sale could just be a case of clearing out stock and using the FAA’s announcement as an ideal opportunity. 

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