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Vampire Diary Celeb Ian Somerhalder Is Sketched To Family pet cats Like Blood!

Ian and one of his cats.

Ian and one of his cats.

Ian Somerhalder, movie star with the CW's Goule Diaries, in conjunction with co-stars Nina Dobrev in addition to Paul holmes Wesley, is much more over a scorching movie star women of all ages slobber over everything world wide. He's way more in comparison with this. Other than working rapid his / her initially important TELLY position what food was in the primary year connected with ABC's arised set Misplaced 7 years ago, that is and a new head position for the Goule Diaries during the past year rapid Ian is definitely try really hard to needed for dynamics availability do the job. In December this year, he / she unveiled his / her Ian Somerhalder Basic foundation, a corporation meant to elevate finances to get enviromentally friendly work in order to train persons for the incredible importance of defending the environment. All their purpose should be to do the job with relationship other Non-Profit, For-Profit in addition to governing figures around the globe. "The on its way along connected with like-minded folks by steps is definitely discover what is was required to find endemic adjust normally, our world and it is creatures" states that Ian.

The IS Foundation is actively involved in animals issues – animal habitat and extinction, cruelty towards animals, empowerment of NO-KILL shelters, sterilization and assistance and therapy animals – as well as nature and energy issues – green technology and local biofuels, green disaster relief, greening the entertainment industry, natural habitat and biodiversity conservation, and deforestation/reforestation. Ian is the figurehead of ISF and is deeply involved in its work. He regularly gives us updates on Twitter and ISF is also on Twitter and Facebook.

Ian is very close to his supporters and fans, especially through social networks. He recently stated on Facebook that his "inspiration is literally fueled by the actions of our supporters and people who have come together with the understanding that we, as a collective, have the power to make wide sweeping change."

Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder The lead actors of The Vampire Diaries

Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder,
the lead actors of The Vampire Diaries.

As an animal lover and advocate, Somerhalder lives with three once abandoned cats in his loft in Atlanta.  "I literally wake up and there's just fur everywhere. It's so awesome! They're all very different. One is a feral cat from Hawaii who grew up in the jungle, another one is a rescue from a dungeon in New York and the other one's from Canada." There is also often a rescue that's being fostered before finding it's furr-ever home! But even if his cat Moke has a twitter account, Ian is no crazy cat person taking in every stray feline that he finds in the street. He always has them checked-up at his favorite vet clinic before taking them home. "I don't want to take them back to my pride and get my kids sick", he says.

Ian's girlfriend and co-star, Nina Dobrev, and his cat.

Ian's girlfriend and co-star, Nina Dobrev, and his cat.

Apart from his work with ISF, Ian is also involved with different branches of the Humane Society.  A native of Louisiana, the actor returned to his roots on November 2010 for Unleashed "Bash on the Bayou," in support of St. Tammany Humane Society, the state's largest no-kill animal shelter. Still with the St. Tammany Humane Society, as he cares very much about feral cat overpopulation, he's launched a Animal Foundation in Louisiana. Through the foundation, Ian aims to help control the situation "without causing ecological after-effects." "We're allocating a very specific amount of money to funding research for sterilization drugs," Ian says. "[Once the drug] becomes species-specific, hopefully, in two decades there will be no problem."

This individual additionally obtained within Mar this the Wyler Honor through the Gentle Community. Each year, the respect "is presented on the superstar or even super star with regard to increasing understanding of pet problems through the actual press. " Friend Robert McCartney, Hayden Panettiere, Ellen DeGeneres as well as Portia een Rossi, as well as Kristin Davis are previous people from the honor. Recently this individual took part together with his canine towards the Close friends Pet Society's fundraiser Swagger Your own Mutt, that happened within eleven various towns. With each other, these types of two- as well as four-legged ramblers gained almost $1. three mil with regard to desolate domestic pets as well as one hundred and eighty pet well being organizations who else provide all of them, assisting to conserve the actual life associated with domestic pets within possess all over the nation.


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