Monday, November 4, 2013

Google in paid-for advice stream [ W4llppr ]

Google is launching an online advice clinic in the US where users will be charged fees for watching live video session from experts offering help on everything from cosmetics to the cosmos.

The service, called Helpouts, will offer to make connections between users and more than 1,000 merchants, websites and health care specialists who have cleared Google’s background checks. Users will be able to watch advice streamed onto their computers and smart.

For the initial stage of the launch, Helpouts is offering to connect people with experts in eight different categories: art and music; computers and electronics; cooking; education and careers; fashion and beauty; fitness and nutrition; health; and home and garden.

The fees for each live stream will be set by each expert, with 20 percent of the revenue going to Google f or almost all of the videos watched, except for those offering health advice, as Google is currently not taking a cut from that category.