Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Naomi Campbell Looks Completely Unrecognizable on Vogue Thailand—See the Pic! [ W4llppr ]


Jennifer Chan

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29. Oktober 2013 – 13:25

Whoa, Naomi Campbell, is that you?!

We know the supermodel is a pro at posing and channeling a range of different characters on the job, but on her latest cover of Vogue Thailand, we can barely recognize her!

The gorgeous star poses demurely for the fashion magazine, and we have to say, the finished photo looks remarkably different than how we’re used to seeing her.

Campbell’s rich creamy skin tone looks several shades lighter, while her pretty brown eyes are suddenly a curious shade of grayish blue on the cover. 

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Her nose also looks strikingly slimmer, and her long locks are styled in a cropped bob paired with soft bangs, which is a dramatic departure from her signature sleek runway-ready look.

Upon closer inspection, she looks just like…Snow White!

Interesting choice, Vogue Thailand.

While Halloween is just days away, we’re pretty sure the glossy wasn’t alluding to a costume in mind when they produced this eye-catching editorial. 

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A quick side-by-side comparison of the digitally-altered cover next to a real-life snapshot of the stunning supermodel, and it’s a no brainer who looks more beautiful.

We’ll take Naomi in her natural state any day!

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