Sunday, July 28, 2013

(28-07-2013) Nexus 5 release date after LG bails on Nexus 4 - Stabley Times - W4llppr

Nexus 5 release date after LG bails on Nexus 4 - Stabley Times Jul 28th 2013, 11:53

More than a month after LG launched a white version of the Nexus 4 and proclaimed that it had no plans to make a Nexus 5 at all, the future of the Nexus 5 and its release date are still up in the air. The white Nexus 4, in hindsight, was the beginning of the end of LG's Nexus partnership with Google. But Nexus smartphone has been too popular of a product line to simply vanish, so we expect Google is working on bringing back the Nexus line entirely in-house either under its own name or under the name of its Motorola brand name, making the Nexus 5 a true Google phone.

But that doesn't appear to be happening any time soon, so those who have been waiting for the Nexus 5 and expecting it to see an imminent release date may need to rethink their plans. Launching an aging smartphone model in a new color, a Apple did with the white iPhone 4 in spring 2011, is typically a sign that the next generation of that phone has been delayed and its maker wants to buy some more time.

The Nexus 5 isn't the only piece of Nexus hardware still awaiting a release date, as the second generation Nexus 7 is also up in the air. But the latter is still expected to arrive fairly soon.

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